Doctor quizzed patient about her sex life

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A doctor has been suspended after a medical tribunal found he had an inappropriate sexual conversation with a vulnerable patient.

Dr Mohammed Ihsan was handed a nine-month suspension by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) over his behaviour while working as a locum at Church View health Centre, South Kirkby, in 2016.

The tribunal heard that Dr Ihsan asked one patient a series of personal questions about her sex life after she came to the surgery with a recurrent chest infection.

It was also alleged he displayed “inappropriate behaviour of a sexual nature” to a second patient and discussed her case with his wife without permission.

The tribunal heard Dr Ihsan said: “I’m horny, me”, to the second patient and also that he offered to clear his desk and have sex with her on it if she wanted.

The tribunal in Manchester heard that Dr Ihsan would have known the second patient was vulnerable after looking at her medical notes.

Both patients made complaints to the surgery.

The tribunal judgement said: “The tribunal is mindful that you have apologised to patients A and B and to your colleagues for all your actions.

“There has been no repetition of your misconduct since these events and there has been no evidence to suggest that you present a risk to patients.”

The tribunal said there were no concerns about Dr Ihsan’s clinical practice.

But it added: “It has determined that, given the seriousness with which it viewed your misconduct and its findings in relation to your impairment and the appropriate sanction, it is necessary in the public interest to make an order suspending your registration immediately.”

The doctor has 28 days to appeal the suspension order.