He is marching on together with the heroes of Leeds United’s 1991-92 league champions

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Leeds United’s 1991-2 Football League victory is joyous memory for thousands of supporters.

But for Dominic Cazaux - whose birth certificate carries the surnames of the 11-strong Leeds team who lifted the trophy almost 15 years ago - it will stay with him forever.

The 22-year-old Scottish-born student was given the unusual 14-word name by his Leeds United superfan parents.

He said: “My full name is Dominic Andrew Lukic Newsome Fairclough Whyte Dorigo McAllister Batty Strachan Speed Chapman Cantona Cazaux.

“My parents were mad keen Leeds United supporters when I was born.

“They wrote to the manager of Leeds United, that was Howard Wilkinson at the time, to ask him for his permission to use the names and after asking the players, he wrote back and said yes.

“I’m an Arsenal fan but I do follow Leeds and I wish them all the best. I went to the Blackburn game the other day and I keep my hand in with them. They are part of who I am. I’ll always follow them. They will always have a close place in my heart.”Mr Cazaux was invited to the funeral of the late Gary Speed, though he was unable to attend because he did not receive the letter in time.

He said: “It’s a shame about that because I would liked to have gone and I was really proud to have been invited.

“At school most people loved it, apart from a few people at high school. Sometimes I feel I want to get rid of it and be normal but other times I just think it’s what makes me unique and I’m proud of it.”