Haunted Happenings: Ghost hunter reveals eerie encounters at district’s venues

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From hunting for violent poltergeists to delving deep into the depths of a coal mine, Sara Whyman and her husband Phil have travelled all over the country searching for things that go bump in the night.

And with footsteps, glowing lights and unexplained knocks among their eerie encounters, it seems they have found some.

Mrs Whyman, formerly of Ossett, Wakefield and Mr Whyman, a paranormal investigator from television shows Most Haunted and Scream Team, have taken their ghost-hunting squad to haunted sites since 2005.

And, inspired by Halloween, Mrs Whyman has used social media to share images from the different venues they have explored, each day throughout October.

Among them are Knottingley Town Hall, the National Coal Mining Museum and 30 East Drive, Pontefract.

A young boy is said to walk the corridors at Knottingley’s hall, which dates back to the 1800s and is thought to have been built at the same location as a medieval monastery.

Ghosts from the Second World War are also said to have been sighted.

Mrs Whyman said: “We were the first group to ever go into Knottingley Town Hall in 2005. The night we had in there was really good.

“We were sat in a big hall and dance floor area, and beneath us there was several corridors. We could hear heavy footsteps of someone running down one of the corridors.”

Mrs Whyman said the group also detected the sound of someone pushing a broom.

“We searched the whole building but found nothing to explain the noises,” she said.

On another occasion, the team descended 460ft underground in search of life beyond the grave at the mining museum’s Caphouse Colliery.

“It was pitch black down there,” Mrs Whyman said. “A group of people were congregated at the end of a tunnel. They were talking away when they noticed a glow coming from one end.

“It was pulsating and grew brighter and brighter.”

Mrs Whyman said the group saw a figure pop out from nowhere, look at them, and then return.

“When they went to look, it was just a wall there where the figure had been, no door or anywhere to come from,” she said.

The squad have also investigated semi-detached house 30 East Drive. Despite its unassuming appearance, it is rumoured to be one of the most haunted places in Europe.

Legend has it that paranormal activity began at the property in 1966, shortly after a family moved in.

It started with pools of water mysteriously appearing and was followed by inexplicable events including green foam coming from taps and a toilet, lights being turned on and off, objects being thrown and photographs being slashed with a sharp knife.

Later, the ghost, known as the Black Monk of Pontefract, became violent, causing physical harm to the people who lived there, including dragging a teenage girl upstairs by her hair.

The strange happenings forced the family to flee.

Mrs Whyman said the group’s experience there had been “pretty quiet”.

She said: “There is only one thing we have ever had which I can’t explain and which was pretty exciting.

“In the kitchen area, there is a piano. A couple of us were in there making a hot drink and the others were in the living room. We suddenly heard four of five knocks on the piano.

“The guys in the living room shouted ‘is that you?’. It wasn’t.”

Mrs Whyman said she had always had an interest in eerie activities. In her school days, her artwork was often focused around spooky places.

“I am quite rational and sceptical when it comes to things,” she said. “However, I have experienced quite a lot of tings that I have been unable to explain.”

People can request the team to investigate by logging on to www.sarawhyman.co.uk