Hat’s off to campaigner

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I WOULD like to refer to the article ‘War hero’s fury at ‘clown’ slur.

I find Coun Harrison’s comment about one of our finest war heroes very upsetting to say the least, how can a man that has spent 50 years in local politics say such a thing?

I would like to ask Mr Harrison ‘did you ever serve this country during its hour of need? Did you ever think of joining HM Forces at all?’

Mr Crossley risked his life to help defend this nation from the ever-increasing threat of Hitler’s Nazis.

I take my hat off to Mr Crossley not only for defending this nation but to standing up to this man.

I hope the people of this area now realise what they have voted for, maybe next time they will put their X in the more appropriate box.

Darren Lumb

Shaw Close

South Elmsall