Has leasing community hall benefited South Elmsall residents?

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Did the leasing of Westfield Lane community hall for £100,000 from Wake field Council really benefit all the residents of South Elmsall?

No, it did not. Was it really necessary to take it on when Wakefield, who we still pay rates to, could not afford its upkeep because of government cuts? No it was not. I will tell you why.

The people of South Elmsall already have a newly-refurbished community hall, the social centre on Westfield Lane, bought and paid for, surrounded by flower beds and bowling greens, up-to-date council rooms and disabled-friendly entrance, an up to date kitchen, brand new toilets, greenhouses, and tennis courts, and also a hall big enough for public meetings and dancing if needed.

What’s more, loads of land for extensions that were on the plans of previous councillors who accumulated an emergency fund until such time as it was needed, instead of diving in and spending thousands of pounds without researching .

Now the council is renting a room from the Westfield Lane trust, the whole council voted to take on the Westfield Lane hall because we were told it would not cost the people of South Elmsall one penny.

This is the biggest bloomer the town council has made in 100 years .Did we need another community hall in the first place? Whose idea was it?

Now we have caught up with South Kirkby: we now have a white elephant, too, for the next 30 years. I would sooner the youth of South Elmsall be taught to swim before dancing.

Wilf Benson

Grange Avenue

South Elmsall