Harry continues snooker progress

Harry Gosney, who recorded a 104 break.
Harry Gosney, who recorded a 104 break.

Snooker starlet Harry Gosney has secured his second English Regional title after a victory in Gateshead.

The 15-year-old from Fitzwilliam, who won his first tournament in Leeds earlier this season, also recorded his first ever century break of 104 recently.

The final match in the competition did not finish until 11pm but Gosney kept his nerve and cued smartly on his way to the crown.

Despite requiring five snookers to secure an unlikely comeback, he cued brilliantly to win his semi-final in spectacular fashion before winning 2-0 in the final.

Coach Anthony Hebblethwaite has been particularly impressed with his progress, especially after watching him record his first century break, making 104 in total in his coaching group.

He said: “Harry has been quietly confident for a while. It’s just brilliant to see it all come together so impressively.

“I’m hoping he can keep his head level and just continue to practice hard and correctly.”