Group gets grant to solve drug problem

WDH drug boxes
WDH drug boxes
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A HEMSWORTH support group has received more than £900 to tackle drug problems on local estates.

Hemsworth and District Partnership received the community grant from Wakefield and District Housing (WDH) last month.

The money will be used to buy a ‘drugs box’ - a case full of replica drugs in all forms so that young people can identify them and understand their dangers.

Diane Cartwright, a volunteer with the partnership, said: “The box is vital to our cause because we want to make people aware of the dangers drugs pose - and this is a great way of showing exactly which drugs are which and the reasons why they need to be avoided.”

“This is the most up-to-date box. Drugs continue to come in different forms with different names and we need to move with the times in order to continue our good work.”

The partnership works with local agencies such as Turning Point, Hemsworth Town Council and NHS Wakefield District to visit schools, youth clubs and community groups to highlight local issues. It was set up ten years ago when drugs were rife on the West End estate in Hemsworth. Seven years ago, the group expanded to help communities from across the district.

Peter Hurst is a former drug user who now works for the partnership as a substance misuse worker. He carries out street walking exercises to identify and help current users to move away from drugs.

He said: “I entered rehab about two years ago and it helped me channel my efforts into helping other people. I worked as a volunteer at Turning Point and then got the chance to work for Hemsworth Partnership. I’m currently helping a number of people with their addictions. It gives me great satisfaction to know we are making a difference – not just to the individuals but for the communities as a whole.”