Grandmother’s shock as brick thrown at car from bridge

The C4 window was smashed on the old A1 road.
The C4 window was smashed on the old A1 road.

A grandmother has described the moment a brick or a stone was thrown from a footbridge and shattered the window of their vehicle as they drove along a road.

Denise Crowther, 65, was the passenger and her husband Rod, 68, was behind the wheel when the object smashed through the back window of their silver Citroen C4 as they drove under the footbridge across the old A1 at Brotherton.

Unable to stop on the busy road, they were only able to catch of glimpse of the yobs running from the scene.

Thankfully nobody was hurt, but Denise says they were lucky

She added: “It affected us, you think about what ifs because we had just dropped off two of our grandchildren in Pontefract and were on our way to Fairburn Ings to pick up our grandson when it happened.

“We have a seven seater and the children always like to sit in the seats at the back.

“We were in total shock, it was frightening, the glass went everywhere.”

The incident happened just before 6pm on Thursday, March 15 and police are continuing to investigate.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said: “Although fortunately no one was hurt, this incident could have had extremely serious consequences.

“Officers have been speaking to youth groups in the area, to make sure that everyone is aware of dangers of this irresponsible behaviour.”

Anyone information should contact North Yorkshire Police on 101, quoting reference number 12180044717 from Thursday, March 15.