Got a problem? The Express is here to Sort it Out

What needs sorting out in your community?

That’s what the Express is asking as we launch Sort it Out - a campaign which will tackle the smaller issues in neighbourhoods which often get overlooked and can take an age to get resolved.

What we want readers to do is send in a picture and details of anything they would like to see sorted out near them.

This might include things like vandalism or graffiti, a broken street light and damage to a road or road signs.

We’ll print your picture and the details in the Express, get in touch with the people responsible for the problem and ask them to do something about it.

We will keep printing how long it takes until the problem is sorted!

We need your contact details, a picture of the problem and some details about it, including a location.

You can email us at or, tweet us @HSEExpress or @PandCExpress, comment via our Facebook pages or write to Sort It Out, Bull Ring House, 23 Northgate, Wakefield, WF1 3BJ.