Go-ahead for consultation on plans to make people pay to park outside their houses

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A consultation on plans to charge people for permits to park outside their own homes will launch next month.

Wakefield Council is proposing to introduce fees for the residential parking permits, claiming it no longer has the resources to subsidise the scheme.

Coun Matthew Morley, cabinet member for transport and highways said: “The parking permit process has been in operation for many years and urgently needs revising because it does not meet the needs of our residents or businesses.

“A chargeable service will enable us to improve the scheme, to ensure it is fit for purpose, as well as providing enhanced patrols and greater enforcement – a move that will reduce some of the parking issues many residents experience.”

Currently, each household within a parking scheme area can receive up to six free permits and one free visitor pass.

And many residents have hit out at the announcement that they may now have to fork out to cover the costs.

Michelle Haynes Was Wiper wrote on Facebook: “Not a chance. What do we pay road tax for?”

Ginny Hammond said: “We already pay tax on cars its called road tax...to make people pay for their own parking outside their homes is just ridiculous.”

Leoni Mcgowan added: “Just another way to extort money from people. We pay council tax but the roads are disgusting to drive on, also rubbish on the streets etc. They want more money but can’t do what we already pay for.”


Gerard Kiely-Jones said: “May I ask how the council intends to enforce the permit parking areas. Unfortunately, I live in a “permit holders only” area and cars frequently park in front of my home.”

Others welcomed the move.

Heather Ian Dobson said: “Hopefully it’ll help on streets where some households have five or six cars and take up the entire street.”

Grant Osborne DipPhoto wrote: “This may help to stop non-residents parking outside other residents homes and if it does then I would gladly pay.”

And Martin Fothergill said: “If I wanted to reserve a private parking spot on the public road I’d have no quarrel about paying for it, when you have permit parking only, you are taking that bit of road away from the general public and renting it for yourself. Yes I believe it’s a good idea to charge for the privilege.”

Two charging proposals are being considered.

The first option would see a £20 annual charge introduced for a permit for the first vehicle in each household, £30 for a second vehicle and £40 for a third.

The second proposal would see a flat rate of £30 per vehicle.

In both cases, the number of permits would be limited to three per household and the fee for replacing a lost permit would be £20.

The council would also introduce ‘scratch card’ visitor permits at a cost of £1 each.

Businesses would be able to apply for up to three permits, providing they do not have access to at least three off street parking spaces, at a cost of £120 a year.

And permits for carers would be free.

The consultation is expected to launch on the council’s website next month.