Give birds a chance

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THE acrimony between the aggrieved persons concerning the shooting incident abutting Frickley Country Park brought to mind the ultimate fate of Mr Warde Aldam’s pheasants.

These creatures are hand reared, hand fed and pampered, becoming almost tame. Then they are shot at point blank range by a group of creatures who call themselves sportsmen.

It is like breeding a dog then eating it for Christmas. The birds are not given an even chance.

I have had many a pheasant for dinner as a result of poor marksmanship. Unfortunately all the injured are not found and one presumes they must suffer an agonising death.

I am not against shooting in general, it is just the way it is done. I have shot hundreds of red deer in other countries for their hides, also trapped other animals for their skins as a necessity since they were required by the authorities to be culled.

My adversaries were always given a sporting chance and none escaped wounded. I think these ‘hunters’ should stick to clay pigeon shooting or some other inane hobby they find agreeable.

George Longden

Keenan Avenue

South Elmsall