Gangland figures and reality TV star party at Charles Bronson's wedding reception

Guests arrive for the wedding
Guests arrive for the wedding

Bleary-eyed guests surfaced this morning after a 'fantastic' party celebrating Charles Bronson's marriage to his soap star bride.

Among those reportedly at the wedding bash were a former gangland enforcer linked to the Krays, a retired prison officer and Katie Price's ex-husband Alex Reid.

Britain's most notorious prisoner married Paula Williamson, 37, in a behind-closed-doors ceremony at HMP Wakefield at 2pm on Tuesday.

Paula apparently left the hotel late last night according to a source who said she had 'a good time'.

Ex-Corrie actress Paula, who also starred in Emmerdale and Hollyoaks, will head to Malta with her bridesmaids for her honeymoon without her new husband.

A piece of artwork by Bronson - now known as Charles Salvador - was signed by every guest including the new Mrs Salvador.

Understandably, there were a few sore heads this morning after the group raised a glass or two to the newlyweds as celebrations drew to a close around 11pm.

However, the majority swapped their sharp pinstripe suits and fancy frocks for comfy jumpers, jeggings and jeans.

Everyone seemed to be in high spirits and could be seen laughing and joking at photos of themselves plastered in today's national newspapers.

The two wedding cars remain parked in the three-star York House Hotel - but the decorative ribbons, flags and 'just married' sign have been removed.

A reveller said: "The party was fantastic."

An elderly guest added: "Paula had a good time."

Long-time Bronson supporter Andrew Parkin confirmed the wedding did go ahead as planned as he posted pictures of guests celebrating on Facebook.

He wrote on social media last night: "Back to my room at Charlie's and Paula Salvador's wedding I've been so privileged. Finally been allowed to let people know."

In a set of pictures from what appeared to be the wedding reception, Mr Parkin posed with an array of wacky celebrity faces.

Among them was Katie Price's ex-husband and MMA fighter Alex Reid, who revealed that he'd been in contact with Bronson in July.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner said the fellow hardman had written to him to compliment him on past fights and ask about training.

Also enjoying the celebrations was Dave Courtney - the reformed gangster who has previously described Bronson as "a very good friend of mine".

He wasn't the only gangland face at the party and former gang rival to the infamous Kray twins, Eddie Richardson, now in his 80s, also made an appearance.

He was part of the notorious Richardson firm known for their sadistic torture techniques including pulling teeth out with pliers and cutting toes with bolt cutters.

They had a long-running feud with the Kray twins as they competed for turf in the 1960s and 70s.

Eddie shares a common history with Bronson, having served 23 years in various prisons.

And Mick O'Hagan, the former prison guard who is credited with introducing Charles Bronson to art inside HMP Wakefield, also toasted the happy couple.

Ms Williamson was driven to the wedding by official Bronson impersonator Timothy Crowley who was dressed in a suit and trademark sunglasses.

Bronson himself returned to his cell after the ceremony had been conducted.