Fur goodness sake...Joanna stuns viewers talking trees on The Apprentice

Joanna Jarjue - (C) Freemantle Media - Photographer: Jim Marks - Courtesy of the BBC.
Joanna Jarjue - (C) Freemantle Media - Photographer: Jim Marks - Courtesy of the BBC.

She may have survived another week in Lord Sugar’s boardroom, but Joanna Jarjue provided one of the most jaw-dropping moments of The Apprentice so far this week.

Having been handed an interior design task, the Wakefield wannabe received stunned looks during a conversation about fir trees when she piped up with: “Is there such thing as a tree with fur?”.

Not one to shy away, Joanna, who grew up in Lupset, took to Twitter during the screening of the BBC programme.

She described it as ‘not one of my finer moments’ and even admitted her mother was sat next to her watching the show and shaking her head.

The incredible comment lit up social media with thousands taking to Twitter, hardly able to contain themselves.

In disbelief, Ricardo Medina wrote: “Thirteen years watching it, I thought I’ve seen it all, till today - “Is there a tree with fur on it?” - I give up.”

Jonathan Simms added: “Is there such a thing as a tree made of fur? That’s FIR Joanna.

“Good grief, you couldn’t make this stuff up!”

The moment perhaps even trumped candidate Jeff Wan when he burst into a cringeworthy breakdancing move for the camera.

He was eventually given the bullet by Lord Sugar after the girls scraped a second successive victory with their golf-themed hotel room, compared to the boys’ travel-theme.

But it was hardly a vote of confidence from Lord Sugar, who said he didn’t think the girls’ effort was better, he just hated it less.