FoI request was incorrect

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Wakefield Council has been forced to apologise after issuing incorrect information about the Fitzwilliam Welfare Centre.

A Freedom of Information request was submitted by former councillor John Richardson, who asked for details about the accounts for the Wakefield Road building. The department replied in September, stating that the centre was managed by Hemsworth Town Council under a trusteeship and to contact Tina Pattison for information about the accounts.

The town council is planning to take over the running of the centre, but details are still being thrashed out and nothing has been finalised. Wakefield Council is still responsible for the centre.

The incorrect information caused uproar among local residents who believed the town council was lying about being responsible for the day centre.

After town clerk Tina Pattison contacted the FoI department, the district council sent a letter of apology and clarified the situation.

Catherine Moore, Wakefield Council’s estates and assets manager, said in a letter to Mrs Pattison: said: “I apologise sincerely for the difficult position you were placed in in connection with the proposed transfer of the management of the Fitzwilliam Day Centre to Hemsworth Town Council.

“We recently responded to a Freedom of Information request for information on who manages the day centre and in particular who can be contacted to make enquiries about the accounts. I have understood that the proposed transfer of management to Hemsworth Town Council had been completed.

“I understand I was mistaken in this and have given the wrong information to the enquirer. We will contact the enquirer direct and promptly to provide the correct information. Once again I apologise that you were placed in an awkward position.”