Flytipping danger

A SPATE of flytipping in Upton is not just unsightly but dangerous, police have said.

PC Stacey Caddick, of the South East neighbourhood police team, attended an environment meeting in Upton last week after a spate of flytipping by some local residents.

She said the amounts being dumped was so excessive that a vehicle would have had to have been used - even though it is not that far from the Wakefield Council site at South Kirkby.

Insp Geoff Carter of the NPT said: “This is an eyesore for residents of Upton and could be potentially dangerous.

“Flytipping is a criminal activity that will not be tolerated. I ask our community to give us the information we need to act and stop such activity from reducing residents quality of life, as well as putting people at risk of harm.”

If you know of anyone flytipping or if you see anyone flytipping just send their car registration number to either the environment team or the NPT on 01924 295413.