Flooding fears over estate plan

Residents opposing new housing in Kinsley
Residents opposing new housing in Kinsley

ANGRY residents fear plans to build a 77-house estate will put their homes at risk of flooding.

Outline plans have been submitted by Harron Homes to build a new estate off Spring Close in Kinsley.

But some residents already living nearby fear that the extra houses, which will be built on land higher than the existing estate, will cover agricultural land that currently soaks up rainwater - forcing it to run down into their homes.

Mick Hudson, 46, of Oakdale Road, who has lived on the estate for 10 years, said: “The estate flooded terribly in 2007 which shows existing measures aren’t working properly, so to add these houses will just make it even worse.”

Locals first heard about the plans after signs were attached to nearby lampposts in mid-December. More than 70 residents signed a petition against the application which they handed in to Wakefield Council.

Mr Hudson said: “Will the council compensate us 10 years down the line when our homes have been flooded out? Because it will happen if these plans go ahead which is why they need to be stopped.

“We are not against new housing, there are just more viable sites for it that won’t cause problems for existing residents.”

Mr Hudson also said the land should have protection, as it is deemed to be search land under the unitary development plan.

He said: “This means it cannot be built on until all other areas of land have been exhausted, which isn’t the case.

“We are fuming about this and can’t understand why the council would protect the land then let houses be built on it. We will not let this go and will do whatever it takes to prevent this going any further.”

Lee Pickering, 46, who lived on Spring Close for three years, said: ”Everyone is really upset about it. It is just ridiculous.”

Hemsworth MP Jon Trickett is also backing their campaign.

He said: “I am not happy with a development of such a large scale in this area of Kinsley. There are other areas which are far more suitable.”

A Wakefield Council spokeswoman said that a decision had not yet been made on the plans and that concerns or comments could still be submitted.