Express-backed Christmas Hamper Appeal is launched

HELPING HAND: Delivering some of the 1,000 hampers in Normanton last year.
HELPING HAND: Delivering some of the 1,000 hampers in Normanton last year.

Christmas Day is just two months away – and that means it’s time to launch the Christmas Hamper Appeal, which the Wakefield Express is proud to be supporting again this year.

Organised by the Rotary Club of Wakefield Chantry and the Community Awareness Programme (CAP), this annual appeal will be helping a large number of needy families in the greater Wakefield area.

Last year, with the help of Express readers, local businesses and many organisations we managed to gather and pack more than 1,000 festive hampers - a target we are again aiming for in 2018.

Volunteers from the Rotary Club will be putting in a lot of hard work packing and distributing the hampers, with CAP on Market Street collecting and collating the large amount of food necessary to put so many hampers together.

The finished items will be handed out to deserving families across the region, with the help of Children First Hubs in Wakefield city centre, Normanton, Airedale and Hemsworth.

CAP centre manager Kevin Dobson said: “Last year’s appeal was really successful so we are hoping that this year we can once again help more than 1,000 families in need in the Wakefield area. Supported by the Rotary Club of Wakefield Chantry and with the backing of the Wakefield Express, this is a really important local initiative that helps and supports families in need.”

Gemma Jimmison, Christmas coordinator at the Express, said: “We have always had amazing help from Express readers in the past and hope that we can encourage you all to help again this year.

“CAP will gratefully accept donations of individual foods, finished hampers or money to help finance the appeal.”

Mr Dobson added: “Readers who want to help can contact us on 01924 381119 or come and see us on Market Street. The warehouse is now open to accept food or finished hamper donations. Financial contributions to help finance the food purchases are also very welcome.

“If you are making a financial contribution specifically for the Hamper Appeal and make this clear when donating, this will be ring fenced and only spent on the appeal.”

The deadline for food donations is November 30 and the final date for completed hampers is December 4.

The hampers will be given out in time for Christmas.

Bob Guard, from the rotary club, said: “We have been privileged over the last few years to have had enormous help from club members and volunteers, so we will be looking again this year for a similar level of support.

“I am confident that, once again, the Christmas spirit will ensure that we are able to meet our very ambitions target.”

l Finished hampers should consist of basics such as tea or coffee, sugar, long life milk, breakfast cereal, chocolate biscuits, tinned potatoes or instant mash, tinned vegetables, stuffing, tinned fruit, Angel Delight, fruit juice and chocolate or sweets.

You could also include extras such as tinned ham or corned beef, pasta, rice, meat paste, jam or marmalade, gravy mix, pot noodles, cup-a-soup or pasta in sauce.

Please remember that no fresh food or alcohol should be included.