Encourage cleanliness

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My family and I recently got back from a holiday in Canada, British Columbia.

We were not only amazed by the incredible scenery and the wildlife, but also by how clean and litter free the place was.

On a daily basis we saw people carrying immense plastic bags containing dozens of plastic bottles and cans of pop.

We thought they were employed by the council and doing their job. It turned out they were actually doing all this cleaning up of their own will as in Canada every empty can, every discarded plastic bottle and every thrown away glass bottle carries a small amount of cash when brought back to the recycling centre.

People walk the streets all day long picking up litter others do not bother cashing in. As a result the place is spotless.

What if we were to do the same here?

Councils spend thousands of pounds a year cleaning our streets, what if they were to use this money to “buy” recyclable litter and help the environment in the process? What about trying to reward the picking up and the voluntarily cleaning rather than punishing the litter louts?

Giving and rewarding could encourage people to become more litter aware, would give some the opportunity to become better citizens and would contribute to the recycling culture.

Just a thought…

Mrs C Britton

Hacking Lane

South Elmsall