Wakefield secondary league tables in full: How does YOUR school rate?

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Figures released this morning show that all secondary schools in the Wakefield district are meeting a new Government “floor target” that measures pupils’ progress and achievement over eight GCSE subjects.

A number of schools, including Outwood Grange Academy, St Thomas a Becket, Castleford Academy and De Lacy Academy were all said to be above national average.

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For the first time this year, schools have not been judged on the proportion of pupils scoring at least five C grades at GCSE, including in English and maths.

Instead, ministers have introduced a new headline measure called “Progress 8”.

This looks at the progress a pupil makes from the end of primary school to the end of secondary school. It compares pupils’ results with the achievements of other youngsters with the same prior attainment, and measures performance across eight qualifications.

The Government has argued that this measure is fairer because it takes students’ previous achievement into account, and recognises the results of all youngsters, not just those on the border of C and D grades. Nationally, 282 secondaries, educating 206,991 children, have fallen under the Government’s floor standard based on this new measure.

This is nearly one in ten secondaries. Knowsley in the north west had the highest proportion of under-performing schools - none of its six secondaries reached the new threshold. Meanwhile, there were 46 areas where all schools were above the floor target.

Five of the 38 secondary schools in the Leeds district have been revealed to be under-performing.

Headteachers warned that the results had been achieved “against a national backdrop of a funding and recruitment crisis”.