Drug theft cop McFadden jailed for 23 years

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A corrupt detective has been jailed for 23 years for stealing seized drugs from police stores and putting them back on the streets.

Det Con Nicholas Mcfadden, 38, formerly of Pasture Drive, Castleford and Grove Street, Ossett, was driven by greed as was his brother Simon who helped in the drugs plot, which included stolen hauls of heroin, cocaine and cannabis.

Earlier this week, Nicholas McFadden, a member of West Yorkshire Police’s Organised Crime Group was convicted of theft and conspiracy to supply controlled drugs. He had earlier pleaded guilty to money laundering.

Simon McFadden, 41, of Darfield Place, Harehills, Leeds, was jailed for 16 years after being found guilty of conspiring to supply controlled drugs and money laundering.

His wife Karen, also 41, was handed a suspended jail sentence after admitting money laundering. She lived the high life off the proceeds of their crimes, including trips to Harvey Nichols and a taste for champagne and posh sausages.

Judge Tom Bayliss QC , passing sentence today (Thursday), said to Nicholas McFadden: “In the course of your duties you had access to controlled drugs; and you abused your position to steal and trade in those drugs. Drugs that had been taken off the streets by your colleagues were put back there by you and your brother Simon.

“Drugs like heroin - noted for the devastating harm that it inflicts on communities, for the misery it brings to those who have the misfortune to be addicted to it, and for the crime that is caused by those desperate wretches to get their hands on the money to buy it.”

“Your motive was simple greed.”

The judge added: “The effect on of all of you is devastating. For a brief period crime paid for your extravagances - but now you have a lifetime to regret it.

“By your actions Nicholas McFadden you have brought yourself down from a position commanding respect to the life of a vulnerable prisoner - with no prospect other than financial ruin upon your release.”