Double yellow line parking causes chaos

Parking tickets on elmsall way, south elmsall
Parking tickets on elmsall way, south elmsall

Fines were slapped on seven cars parked on double yellow lines on the same road during the same night.

Police from the South East neighbourhood policing team dished out the fines on vehicles parked on Elmsall Way, South Elmsall, last Wednesday after officers said they were causing problems for other drivers.

Officers warned others – via their Facebook page – not to park on the street and that they would be patrolling the area in future.

But the warnings were not taken on board by some Facebook users and sparked debate about how police were spending their time.

More than 30 comments were left on the NPT’s facebook page.

Inspector Geoff Carter from the NPT said parking enforcement always caused discussion from residents.

He said: “The issue of the enforcement of parking restrictions always starts a healthy debate with a massive difference of opinions.”

He said that at recent meetings with residents, illegal parking, such as that on Elmsall Way, was one of the problems people were concerned with.

Insp Carter said: “South East neighbourhood police team staff engage with a large amount of people across the three wards and quite clearly unlawful and inconsiderate parking is an issue that concerns many people who ask that we take action.

“As part of our day to day business we will look at these issues and where appropriate deal with offenders.

“The thing to remember is that restrictions are placed to make it safer for both pedestrians and motorists and I ask that people please adhere to them.”