Don’t lose the right to vote

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Residents are being urged to ensure they have the right to vote in elections later this year.

Wakefield Council wants people to check they are on the electoral register if they want to take part in the European Parliamentary elections and local elections on Thursday, May 22.

Residents must be registered before Tuesday, May 6.

People are not automatically registered and the electoral services team must be informed if you move house or change your details. Anybody not on the register will not be able to vote.

Joanne Roney, returning officer, said: “People are talking about the elections, but you’ll only be able to have your say on who represents you in the European Parliament and Wakefield Council if you’re correctly registered.

“Registering is quick and simple.

“All you have to do is visit and print off a registration form.”

To check if are registered email or call the electoral services team on 01924 305023.

Or visit for more information about registration and voting.