Dog found with fight injuries

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A dog has been found in a garden at a house in West Hardwick, near Ackworth, with injuries all over his body believed to be due to fighting.

The RSPCA has launched an appeal to find the dog’s owner after it was found on Tuesday September 24. The dog, a ‘bull lurcher’ was covered with new and old wounds when he was discovered.

The home owner, who lives on Hardwick Lane, was alerted to the dog’s plight when his own dogs started barking at around 2am.

The injured dog, a cross between a lurcher and a bull-type dog, is an entire male, mostly black in colour, with a white chest and white feet.

The biggest wound was on his left shoulder, but he had open wounds to his neck, body and legs –some of which had been stapled – and was covered in old scarring.

Paula Clemence, RSPCA inspector, said: “It is clear this dog has been involved in a fight with something and has been very badly injured as a result. Based on the state of him, this wasn’t the first time either. Some of the injuries have been stapled by someone.

“Bull lurchers are often bred and trained to chase and kill wildlife – in particular larger animals like deer – as they have the speed of a sight-hound and the strength of a bull breed.”

The dog, who has been named ‘Romeo’, has been treated at a local vetinary practice and a foster carer will look after him while the RSPCA investigates.

Insp Clemence said: “He’s a very friendly and affectionate dog.”

Anyone who recognises the dog and has information about his owner should call the RSPCA cruelty line on 0300 1234 999 and ask to leave a message for Insp Clemence.