Divert the traffic now

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I HAVE just read the letter from D River of Langthwaite Business Park (Express, June 16).

This was a despicable and cowardly attack on my character by someone hiding behind a false name and address. I am not crass nor am I a NIMBY. To say re-routing would cost thousands of pounds in fuel is ridiculous. A few quid either way wouldn’t put anybody out of business.

Also, I take offence at the writer insinuating that I value children’s lives less in one area than another. It cost £24m to build Hemsworth Bypass, so why shouldn’t it be used? Minsthorpe Lane was resurfaced at a cost of £1m plus to rectify the damaged caused by HGVs. You can see the effect on the Tarmac already and we haven’t got the heat of the summer sun on it yet.

Would the road haulers be happy to contribute to the cot of repairs every coupe of years for the damage they are doing? Of course not.

The writer suggests that the solution is to build another link road from Langthwaite Business Park to the A638. Does he/she expect Wakefield Council to spend another £20m plus on another white elephant?

Let us put things in perspective and be sensible about this issue and not put money before our children’s lives. Divert the traffic now.

RE: Meeting in Upton, last Tuesday. To say I was disappointed about the attendance would be an understatement. Of the 21 people who turned up there were two police officers, two councillors and a reporter from the Express. Another case of the majority sitting on their backsides and and watching the minority fight their battle.

Sid Downs

Minsthorpe Lane