Disgust at amount of rubbish dumped

Flytipping off Highfield Road, Hemsworth'March 13, 2012
Flytipping off Highfield Road, Hemsworth'March 13, 2012

A DOG walker has expressed disgust at a large amount of flytipping close to a Hemsworth school.

Paul Stuart, of Burntwood Bank, also in Hemsworth, was out walking his dog on Tuesday when he came across wood, black sacks of rubbish and cardboard that had been dumped in a field on Highfield Road - less than 20 yards from St Helen’s C of E School.

He reported the incident to Wakefield Council the same day and was told they would try to clear the site by March 20.

On Wednesday morning the rubbish was still there and had been spread further out across the field.

Mr Stuart said: “It was an awful amount of rubbish. It is close to a school and whoever dumped it there has just been irresponsible. It is absolutely disgusting.

“I have complained many times about the state of Hemsworth and how much litter is dumped all over the place.

“I once found a stash of cannabis plants on the bypass once and my dogs have had their paws cut by broken glass that was just left lying about.”

Hemsworth MP Jon Trickett said: “Flytipping is an eyesore that affects everyone and I call on the council to take tough action against anyone they find to be flytipping.

“We have two council tips within driving distance and it is appalling that individuals are too lazy to visit one of them. Someone has to pay for the clean-up.”

Glynn Humphries, the council’s cleaner and greener service director, said: “Thank you to the Express for bringing this to our attention. Now that we are aware we are working to get the rubbish removed as quickly as possible.

“We take all flytipping very seriously. It is a criminal offence and a real blight on the local environment so I urge anyone who witnesses flytipping to report it by calling 08458 506506.”