‘Disgust’ as off road vehicles damage land in South Kirkby

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Damage caused by illegal off-road drivers to land in South Kirkby has been described as ‘disgusting’ by police.

Officers say land known as Johnny Brown’s Common has been churned up and left unusable by people driving quad bikes and 4x4 vehicles.

The land, owned by Wakefield Council, is used by walkers and horse riders.

Insp Geoff Carter, of South East neighbourhood policing team (right), said: “I am disgusted by the damage caused here. Green space land open to the community made unusable by a small group of individuals unconcerned as to how their behaviour affects others. Please, if you have any information about who is using local land in such ways let us know we will follow up all lines of enquiry.”

Last week South East NPT and North Yorkshire Police started a joint operation to clampdown on off-road vehicles.

Glynn Humphries, service director for environment and streetscene at Wakefield Council, said: “We’re working closely with partners including the police to help tackle the problem of nuisance vehicles using council land for illegal off-road driving.

“These activities on Johnny Brown’s Common are highly anti-social, cause a lot of damage to the environment and are a potential danger to other people in the area, who wish to enjoy the countryside.

“We are looking at measures such as putting concrete blocks in place in order to block access to the common land.”