Dangerous snowballs are ‘distracting’

PCSO Towning in Hemsworth
PCSO Towning in Hemsworth

POLICE are upping their patrols after a rise in complaints about youngsters throwing snowballs at cars.

Officers were called to numerous incidents this week and last, across the area and there will be more police on the streets to try and reduce the problem.

The children also targeted residents’ homes with the missiles last Monday.

Inspector Geoff Carter from the South East neighbourhood policing team said what seemed like fun for the children could cause accidents.

He said: “It can seem quite trivial but a snowball thrown at a moving car is very distracting for the driver and may cause them to brake or swerve on already difficult driving conditions.”

He said the youths were spoken to in front of their parents.

Insp Carter said: “We hope to educate them to consider the consequences of their actions.

“This behaviour can cause accidents or damage and can be frightening especially to the elderly.”

A police video van patrolled has been patrolling the rea to try and deter youngsters.