Dancers remember founder

IN AROUND 1991, Chris Gasgoine and his late wife Olive asked a local councillor about putting some dances on for the community.

He said: “You can have Upton Village Hall on Wednesday afternoons but you will have to run it.” She said: “We’re not very good dancers,” but a couple she knew said they would help.

My wife and I moved to Upton in June 1991 and were walking past the Village Hall when we heard the music. As dancers since 1945 we went inside and that was our meeting with Chris and Olive, we were friends ever since.

Chris and Olive eventually took over running The Grove dance and also the YMCA at Hemsworth. The money from these dances was given to the Prince of Wales Hospice and the Air Ambulance.

When Olive passed away, Chris still carried on for a while, then his health deteriorated and he decided to call it a day.

Now we have Jack and Kath running all three dances, plus a monthly dance for the Hospice and the money raised so far has reached £45,000. We are truly grateful to them both for the hard work they do.

Chris Gasgoine 1926-2012 - Gone but will not be forgotten while any of his dancing friends are alive.

Sid and Barbara Croft

Greenacre Road