Cut madcap schemes

The general rates are frozen for another year which is good news for people who are struggling to find work, buy food pay bills and make ends meet, due to the world recession that everybody is aware of.

That is, of course, except for South Kirkby and Moorthorpe Parish Council led by no other then Laurie Harrison who seems to have no knowledge and no idea of this in his own village, never mind the global situation.

Their only excuse last year was the rates have gone up in line with inflation. At around the same time Moorthorpe station was started being refurbished (not by our own parish local builders might I add). This year the rates have increased yet again to pay for among other things Moorthorpe train station? And I quote “it’s what the people of this area deserve”.

No, no, no. What the people in this area deserve is a parish price freeze and the parish to cut back like everybody else is having to do! For far too long SK and Moorthorpe have endured the highest parish rates in the area if not all of West Yorkshire, why?

Because they spend more than they can afford especially in the middle of a recession on madcap schemes like Moorthorpe station. Just look at Baghill station in Pontefract - offices have been laid empty for months upon months, and who will be burdened with the cost of the upkeep of these relics for years to come? The local people do deserve more - they deserve the abolishment of paying two lots of rates!

Mr R Cooke

Ings Walk

South Kirkby