Culprits behind destruction of memorial woodland ‘dealt with’ by police

Volunteers after planting the trees for a second time.
Volunteers after planting the trees for a second time.

The culprits who destroyed a memorial woodland planted to honour fallen soldiers have been caught by police.

The Friends of Fryston Woods first created the memorial garden in Fryston to remember local war heroes in March.

But the trees were destroyed, just a month after planting was completed.

Volunteers and schoolchildren from Castleford’s Oyster Park Primary, then spent hours on Armistice Day re-planting the woodland ahead of Remembrance Sunday, only for the trees to be churned up again hours after they finished.

In a statement on Facebook, the Castleford Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “The memorial garden in Fryston was damaged beyond repair in Spring 2017.

“This caused understandable anger and distress in the community.

“The trees that were destroyed were replanted, and subsequently damaged in November of this year.

“Following extensive enquiries within the local community, the culprits were identified and an admission of guilt was made.

“These individuals were dealt with accordingly and the matter is now closed.”