Criminal riders put in a spin

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POLICE are taking action against illegal off-road motorcycles.

And as part of the plan to put a stop to nuisance riders, police have bought in their own bike to help catch the criminals.

It will be based in South Kirkby but be used to tackle the problem across the whole of the district.

PC Dave Jackson is one of the officers who will make use of the bike, and a high-tec helmet which comes complete with a camera which can take images of offenders to make it easier to prosecute the criminals.

Inspector Geoff Carter from the South East neighbourhood policing team said: “Although PC Jackson has responsibilities across the seven neighbourhood policing teams he is now stationed at South Kirkby Police Station so people can expect to see a lot more of him.”

More than 30 motorbikes were seized in the past 12 months from people riding them illegally off-road.

Out of the 31 that were taken, 26 were scrapped.

Insp Carter hoped even more could be seized in the next 12 months.

He thanked everyone who had helped them tackle the problem so far and asked for their assistance in the future to help put a stop to these bikes.

To report any problems, contact the police on 101.