Wakefield Police off road riders assist couple in difficulty

Wakefield's Matrix Off Road team.
Wakefield's Matrix Off Road team.

Police trail bikes have gone where others couldn’t in Wakefield after being sent to locate a couple a rural walking track.

Wakefield’s Matrix Off Road team swapped hunting down suspects for scrambling to provide first aid after attending to walkers in difficulty on a track in Kirkthorpe.

The officers were the only two available emergency service resources who could find the stranded pair at short notice on the hard to access track, helping demonstrate their worth as a one of a kind resource for the area.

The District’s two PCs received a call when on patrol informing them that a couple walking near the River Calder had phoned 999 and were suffering from heat stroke.

Other services were unable to locate the couple, resulting in Wakefield Police sending in off road bike officers who managed to find and provide them with water, and then guide them out to other emergency services.

Meanwhile, officers were also busy addressing reports of anti-social behaviour in parts of the district, focussing on several hotspots.

They included Purston Park in Featherstone where the team issued a number of Section 59 enforcement notices and fixed penalty notices to juveniles on off road bikes and mopeds.

Officers also recently seized five road legal mopeds being ridden in an anti-social fashion on the District’s roads.

Insp Paul Sullivan of Wakefield East Police, said: “The Matrix off road officers have been a real asset to the District in terms of getting illegal riders off the roads and as we are now seeing, getting urgent help to those in hard to reach places.

“On this occasion they were able to provide the couple involved with the quick assistance they needed and guide them to fire service colleagues who aided them further.”

Chief Insp Richard Close of Wakefield Police, added: “The Matrix officers and colleagues from neighbourhood policing teams are still continuing their enforcement work and are confiscating machines on an almost weekly basis.

“They are also regularly putting persons before the courts for anti-social riding, resulting in them receiving heavy fines. In May alone, cases put before the courts resulted in riders receiving more than £1,000 in fines.

“I would ask anyone who has information about illegal riding in their areas in the Wakefield District to contact their local NPT via 101 or email.

“If we know off road asb is happening in your parks or open spaces we can task the team and local officers to mount proactive work there to tackle it.”