Video: Footage from traffic cop who stopped car driven by Dewsbury EDL demo terror plotters

A plot to bomb an English Defence League rally in Dewsbury on June 30 last year was uncovered by chance when a policeman stopped the would-be attackers’ car.

Omar Khan, Zohaib Ahmed, Mohammed Hasseen, Mohammed Saud, Anzal Hussain, and Jewel Uddin have admitted plotting an attack, which only failed because they arrived too late.

Five travelled to Dewsbury in two cars on the day of the demo, armed with a homemade bomb and other weapons.

But the far-right protestors had dispersed when they reached the town centre.

The group spent two hours touring the area, visiting a Mosque and a chip shop before heading back to the Midlands.

It was at this point that a police check on one of their vehicles brought their activities to an end.

A patrol officer on the M1 motorway stopped driver Khan, concerned about the condition of the aging Laguna.

The car appeared to have no insurance so it was immediately seized and loaded onto a recovery vehicle.

A cache of weapons was uncovered two days later when staff at a car compound opened the boot.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Click on the external link to the right of this story to watch footage from the police traffic officer car when the Laguna was stopped. The clip shows Omar Khan and Jewel Uddin, who is wearing a white cap.