South Kirkby attempted murder accused lied to police out of fear

A MAN accused of attempted murder lied to police after his wife was threatened at gunpoint, a court has heard.

Stephen Lakin, 40, of Park Estate, South Kirkby, told Leeds Crown Court on Monday that he lied to police about his whereabouts after the shooting of Sean Neesam last November because he was afraid.

Lakin, is accused of attempting to kill Mr Neesam and possessing a shotgun with the intent to cause fear of violence towards Mr Neesam's girlfriend, Sally Gascoigne.

Lakin said he had driven to Sean Neesam's address on Neville Close, South Kirkby, with John Richardson, 41, Sam Whitehead, 18, and David Magee, 26, on November 13.

Miss Gascoigne was in the house, but Lakin denied firing the gun at a window of the property, telling the court it was Magee, also of Park Estate, who pulled the trigger.

The court heard Lakin 'panicked' and the men drive off, meeting Mr Neesam on Wentworth Drive.

Lakin said Mr Neesam, who had been returning to his flat, attempted to choke him. He said moments later he heard a gun shot.

Afterwards the four men drove to Fitzwilliam and Lakin and Richardson set off by themselves to stay at a hotel in Denby Dale for three days.

Lakin, who was suffering with pancreatitis returned home and was taken to Pinderfields General Hospital, Wakefield, where he was arrested.

He told police that at the time of the shooting he had been in Scotland, but later admitted lying.

Lakin said: "Someone had put a gun to my missus' head telling her I've got to keep my mouth shut."

The trial continues.

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- David Magee, of Park Estate, South Kirkby, denies attempted murder and an alternative charge of wounding Mr Neesam with intent. He also denies possession of a shotgun with intent to cause fear of violence towards Paul Cooper.

- Stephen Lakin, 40, also of Park Estate, denies the same three charges, with the firearm offence relating to Sally Gascoigne.

- Sam Whitehead, 18, of Kettlethorpe Road, Wakefield, denies attempted murder and wounding with intent.

- John Richardson, 41, of Newstead View, Fitzwilliam, denies the same charges.

- Russell Mark Evans, 32, of Tombridge Crescent, Kinsley, denies perverting the course of justice in relation to a car believed to have been used by people responsible for shooting of Mr Neesam.