Read the excuses given by illegal drivers posted on Facebook by police

A list of excuses from drivers who had their cars seized by police has been posted on Facebook.

Officers from the Central neighbourhood police team (NPT) seized five cars that were being driven without any insurance in Wakefield earlier this month.

And then decided to make public the list of excuses given by the drivers.

Officers stopped a silver Nissan Micra on Broadway, Lupset.

The driver thought he could work delivering fast food on a relative’s policy, but he needed business cover.

Police also towed away a blue Renault Clio on Westways, Wrenthorpe. The driver told police he had an insurance quote but never bought the policy.

They also stopped a red transit van in St John’s - the driver also had no waste traders licence.

A silver Vauxhall Astra was also seized after being stopped on Leeds Road close to the junction with Westfield Road.

Officers also towed a blue Honda which stopped on Bradford Road, Wrenthorpe. The driver said he bought the car in Burnley and thought he could drive it to visit his family before sorting out his insurance when he got home.

Anyone with information about motorists who are driving without insurance should call the NPT on 101.