Crime couple must pay £110K or face jail

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A couple whose lifestyle was funded by crime have been ordered to pay more than £110,000 or face prison.

Christopher Goodwin, 46, and Rachel Goodwin, 44, from Mill Lane, South Elmsall, had confiscation orders made against them at Leeds Crown Court on Monday December 5, following their convictions earlier this year.

Goodwin was jailed for 20 months on August 12 this year after pleading guilty to production of cannabis and money laundering,

His wife pleaded guilty to S329 Money Laundering (Possession of Criminal Property) under Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and was given a community order.

Under the terms of the confiscation Goodwin was said to have benefitted by £60,417.09 from crime and has been ordered to pay exactly that amount back.

His wife was found to have benefited by £51,500 from criminal activity and must pay back that full amount also.

Police posted this picture of the cannabis farm on Facebook.

Police posted this picture of the cannabis farm on Facebook.

Both have been given three months to pay and could face five years in prison if they fail to do so.

Officers found 29 cannabis plants hidden in a converted cellar beneath the raised patio of the couple’s patio in February 2015.

The plants were capable of producing cannabis worth around £8,845.

Detective Inspector Dan Tillett of Wakefield CID , said: “At Wakefield District we are committed to using Proceeds of Crime legislation to take cash earned from criminality away from criminals, as this case demonstrates.

“The Goodwins lived a life which was far beyond their means of declared legal income and this was taken into account at the POCA hearing at Leeds Crown Court.

“They were found to have benefitted from crime to the tune of £111,917.09 and that is exactly the amount the court has ordered they must pay.”

Detective Chief Inspector Sue Jenkinson also welcomed the court’s judgement.

She said: “We hope it sends a very strong and clear message to residents in Wakefield District that we are determined to make sure crime doesn’t pay.

“The fact that the Goodwins have been ordered to pay back every single penny of their proved criminals earnings is proof of this.

“Our specialist officers are looking at other cases currently and work closely with colleagues from CID from the very start of criminal cases to make sure we make full use of this legislation.

Anyone who suspects their neighbours may be involved in criminality should contact the independent Crimestoppers charity anonymously on 0800 555 111.”