Couple’s plea for ‘last chance’ baby

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A couple who are desperate to have a child together are asking for help from the people of South Kirkby.

Siobhan Winpenny and Paul Tasker have been trying to conceive for nearly three years - but were told last month that their only chance was having IVF.

Miss Winpenny, 24, has endometriosis, an enlarged cervix and polycystic ovary syndrome, meaning it is unlikely she will conceive naturally.

The couple have been told they are ineligible for NHS funding as Mr Tasker, 46, already has a 20-year-old son from a previous relationship.

They have now launched a campaign to raise the £6,000 they need - and will be donating 25 per cent to the charity Infertility Network UK to help support others in a similar situation.

Miss Winpenny, of Barnsley Road, South Kirkby, said: “Other treatments have failed and now our only option is IVF. I have to try at least once but the cost is a major factor - it would take us years to save but the more time passes the worse my conditions will get.

“So we’re appealing for people to help us - we are hoping the community will donate any unwanted goods for us to sell on car boot sales or help in any other way they can.

“We’d like to thank the people of South Kirkby - complete strangers have already volunteered to help us.

“This is our last chance to have a child. I am desperate.”

The pair - who met seven years ago when they went to a racing day with friends and ended up sharing a car - have said they will donate everything to charity if they no longer need treatment for any reason.

Siobhan said: “If by some very unlikely miracle we do fall pregnant naturally then everything we have raised will be given to the charity. We know what it feels like and want to help others too.

“It’s going to be a lot of work but having a family is important, to the both of us. We need around £6,000 just for one cycle for the type of treatment we need.”

Visit to make a donation or call 07949 688301 to arrange collection of any unwanted items.