Couple jet off to Kenya to help build refuge

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Husband and wife Lucy and Craig Noonan are preparing to visit Kenya to help build a refuge centre for young girls escaping forced marriage and female circumcision.

Mrs Noonan, a business development manager for Harris Construction Management in South Elmsall, will travel to Narok in south west Kenya in July with her husband to help construct the centre which will provide ten girls with education and shelter.

Mrs Noonan, 29, said: “Craig and I were both inspired to do this by my dad who regularly participates in voluntary trips.

“We researched many options but this project struck a chord with both of us, particularly as they want a female construction worker to motivate and work with women that have already fled to the refuge and an engineer to assist with the design and construction of the infrastructure.

“Even in the 21st century some people still have to endure untold suffering but this project will help to give young women in Kenya a future free from servitude.”

The centre costs approximately £25,000 and the couple hope to raise £10,000 towards it.

Harris Construction Management has sponsored the trip. The couple, who live near York, are also hoping to attract further donations to help cover building and running costs at the centre. The centre will open towards the end of the year.

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