Coup vote was irrelevant

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Having read Mr Barratt’s latest letter (Express, April 26), I agree with certain parts of his correspondence, but other parts I find a little strange.

He professes to be a true Labour supporter, but does he support the Labour Party financially by being a Labour Party member?

Also why, when seeking advice regarding Hemsworth Town Council, does he contact Mr Cameron and Mr Pickles rather than the Labour Party hierarchy of Mr Miliband or Mr Balls?

Also in a previous letter, from March 2012, he stated that pigeons were to be removed from the town council allotments. This was denied by the town council chairman at the meeting last week, so at the moment the removal of the pigeons is just a rumour.

Mr Upson stated to the members of the audience that suggestions etc put forward at the meeting were only in a advisory capacity and would be discussed at a town council meeting.

So Mr Barratt’s futile attempt to usurp Mr Upson as the town council chairman, regardless of the result of the vote was irrelevant. Mr Upson was voted on as chairman by the members of the town council, who were elected by the members of the public at the ballot box. Incidentally who would Mr Barratt like to be the chairperson of the town council?

C Nicholson

Forester Close