Councillors call for town public meeting

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Independent councillors are calling on the Labour-controlled Hemsworth town council to reconsider the rise in the council tax precept agreed last month.

The town council decided at a meeting on February 13 that its precept would rise by 26 per cent from £500,000 to £630,000 for the 2013-14 financial year.

Independent town councillor Jim Kenyon claims there has been “over budgeting” on services and he and fellow independent councillors are asking the town council to call a public meeting about the precept rise.

He said: “The town council took on facilities with no business plan, now they want householders to pay for that. We want residents to be able to give their views at a public meeting.”

Coun Tony Upson, Hemsworth Town Council leader said: “The precept figures can’t be changed, the deadline to send them to Wakefield Council was March 1. We could hold a meeting but there is one in April for the public to give their opinions.”