Councillor reveals BAFTA award-winning cameraman is involved in Featherstone war horse project

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His career has seen him work on wildlife productions including Planet Earth and Blue Planet.

But now it seems BAFTA award-winning cameraman Doug Allan will be filming a different kind of project designed to put Featherstone on the map.

Councillor Margaret Isherwood has revealed he will document the creation of a giant war horse sculpture, which will sit in the town to commemorate those who lost their lives during the First World War.

Coun Isherwood said: "Doug came up to see us just before Christmas with artist Sue Lipscombe from Cod Steaks, the team which is designing and creating the war horse.

"They are going to produce a filmed record of the war horse being built which will go online for people to see afterwards.

"It's quite exciting having somebody as well known as Doug Allan involved."

Featherstone Town Council and Cod Steaks have secured a £50,000 grant from funding body WREN for the war horse project.

The 20ft memorial will sit at Mill pond Meadows, next to 350 trees planted to honour each local resident who lost their lives in the conflict.

It will also pay tribute to the town's connection to horses through its farming and mining history.

The sculpture will be created at the artist's base in Bristol before being transported up to Featherstone..

Construction work is about to get underway - and it is hoped the sculpture can be moved at the end of April, ready for an official launch on May 11.

Coun Isherwood said: "It's going to be marvellous for Featherstone. If we can get organisations and local media involved as this magnificent work of art progresses up from Bristol, it's obviously going to generate a lot of interest all across the country and put Featherstone on the map.

"Hopefully, that will then attract people to come up and see it when it is completed. It will be a massive thing for the whole district."