Council urged to start promised flood work

Floods of 2007
Floods of 2007
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A SOUTH Elmsall man is urging Wakefield Council to ‘stop dragging its feet’ and build flooding prevention measures that were promised two years ago.

Terry Cawthorne’s Minsthorpe Vale home was engulfed in 2ft high waters after the floods of 2007.

He is worried it will happen again - and has demanded the council put vital safety measures in place near to the beck in South Elmsall.

Mr Cawthorne, 73, said: “A balancing pond was put in after the floods to take excess water but one just isn’t enough.

“I know people who work in the council and there is £180,000 waiting to be spent on sorting it out but I have found out this won’t start until 2013, and then it will take a year to complete.

“They are dragging their feet with it and I am worried my home may flood again.”

The extra balancing pond is intended to be built on Minsthorpe Lane playing fields.

It will take on extra water from the beck if there is substantial rain and will prevent flooding. This will increase protection to 110 properties.

A council spokeswoman confirmed funding is secure.

She said: “It was originally intended for the works to be carried out this financial year but because of new Environmental and Flood risk regulations the scheme has been delayed.

“The works are now intended to be carried out and completed in 2012/13.”

She said the council’s land drainage team had discussions with Mr Cawthorne in the past and will keep him periodically updated on the scheme’s progress.

The money for the measures came from the local levy, which is raised from local authorities by the Yorkshire Regional Flood Defence Committee.

It is spent on schemes which would not otherwise qualify for national flood funding and often attracts grants from other organisations, as is the case with this project.

The council submitted bids for the funding after working with local residents and town and parish councils to develop a flood risk reduction strategy for the affected areas.