Council is on cloud cuckoo

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IT seems that Wakefield Council has become another member of the hand-wringing set of Cloud Cuckoo Land-ers who appear to reside on another planet, alongside the Bishop of Ripon and Leeds, regarding the £26,000 cap on benefits.

The basic pension is not much over £5,000 a year. The £26,000 cap is five times this, a gargantuan amount. Harsh austerity measure have been forced upon people who have to work for a living by the villainous incompetence of Brown, Alistair Darling and Ed Balls. Working people have to pay more in travel expenses.

The perpetrators of this mismanagement appear to have surfaced unscathed. Mr Balls was observed entering a First Class carriage on a train to London. What a haughty contempt and disdain he must have for his fellow travellers and workers who have to travel in less exuberant style. Are Labour MPs too grand to travel with the people they represent?

Why should he and other Labour MPs have the benefit of free First Class travel? All Labour MPs should be made to walk to Westminster, (without shoes) they are the ones who got us into this mess (except Frank Field and Kate Hoey).

One of the few pleasure available to the pensioner was discounted train fares. As part of the austerity measures the cost of train fares has trebled for retired people and thus denied them the joy of a weekly visit to parts of West Yorkshire on train.

Wakefield Council only look s after its hierarchy. Not so long back it dispensed a £600,000 payout to a disgruntled executive who got the monk on because he could not have his own way,

He shortly after landed a £200,000 job with London Council. Why should he get all the money? It is an awful lot of workers’ Council Tax.

The council is very free with misguided handouts with our money. The ludicrous £40m for the Hepworth - her creations are almost as vile as Jacob Epstein’s.

GM Longden

Keenan Avenue

South Elmsall