College backs calls for road safety action

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The principal of Minsthorpe Community College says he will support any measure to make Minsthorpe Lane safe.

The Express has launched a petition to help readers put pressure on Wakefield Council to introduce a20mph speed limit on the road after an 11-year-old pupil was seriously hurt as she walked to the college.

Less than a week earlier an 85-year-old man died after being hit by a skip lorry on the same stretch of road.

Ray Henshaw, college principal, said: “Road safety is a primary concern for us and we will support any measures that improve the safety of Minsthorpe Lane both for pedestrians and road users.

“We have a travel plan that looks at the issues facing students and staff getting to and from the college and we share this with Wakefield Council.

“We have made numerous suggestions that include reducing the speed limit and introducing measures to reduce traffic speed. But what is also needed is another pelican crossing further down the road.

“While a 20mph speed limit will reduce the possible damage the impact of a car will have on a pedestrian, the students also have to take more care when crossing the road.”

Each week, 2,000 Minsthorpe Community College students use the road which currently has a speed limit of 30mph, speed cameras and one pelican crossing.

Mr Henshaw added: “Sadly, even the recent tragic events have not seen a change in the behaviour of some students, and both parents and the college need to reinforce a road safety message.

“Parents also need to think carefully about where they park when picking up their children.

“Prevention will always be better than cure and the answer would appear to be in slowing traffic down and teaching our young people to behave safely when crossing busy roads.”

More than 600 people have signed the petition to make the road safe since it was launched last week.

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