Christmas ruined as thieves steal presents

Lisa Towell came home to find all presents under tree stolen. Is heartbroken as they were for her daughter Kacey
Lisa Towell came home to find all presents under tree stolen. Is heartbroken as they were for her daughter Kacey

A FAMILY faced Christmas without any presents after thieves stole all the gifts from under their tree - while they were sleeping upstairs.

Burglars went into Lisa and Martin Towell’s South Elmsall home in the early hours of Monday, December 12, and took 18 presents that lay under the tree - including a £165 Ipod Touch that was a present for their six-year-old daughter Kacey.

Mrs Towell, 35, of Woodlea, came in from work to find her home had been ransacked - while her partner and daughter slept upstairs.

She said: “I realised the computer screen was missing from the dining room but didn’t think anything of it, then went into the living room and saw Kacey’s play pushchair was gone, then it clicked. I quickly ran to the tree to find everything gone. I am absolutely gutted.”

Not content with just taking presents, they also stole Mrs Towell’s handbag containing birth and marriage certificates, cash, a £700 bracelet, a Nintento Wii, laptop, and a selection of Kacey’s favourite My Little Pony toys.

She said: “I save up all year for this and it has been taken in an instant. They are the scum of the earth that have done this. They have not just stolen from me, but from my children.

“For days I sat and cried thinking about what happened. I just feel so guilty. But all my family and friends have been very understanding.

“We are insured but I just hope we manage to get everything back. But that isn’t the point, it’s the upset it has caused.”

They think thieves got in using a key which Mrs Towell believes she dropped in their enclosed front garden while putting up Christmas lights last Sunday.

She said: “I am just so thankful that we put some of Kacey’s presents in our bedroom, otherwise it would have been well and truly ruined.”

Inspector Jackie Turton, of the South East Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT), said: “South East NPT and partners are doing all they can to reduce these crimes and prevent the harm they cause to communities. Although burglaries are down, we urge people to take basic precautions to ensure their property is protected from thieves and lock their homes and cars as sneak-in thefts are on the increase.”

Anyone with information should contact Wakefield CID on the police non-emergency number 101.