Charity gig in Fitzwilliam raises more than £1,000

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FUNDRAISERS in Fitzwilliam clubbed together to raise more than £1,000 for charity at a concert.

Band True Brit and singer Little Gem wowed the crowds at the Pit Club in Fitzwilliam on Saturday night.

And the event raised a staggering £1,075.20 which was halved between Wakefield Hospice and the New Kinsley and Fitzwilliam Old Folks’ Treat.

Event organiser Mark Jackson said: “I would like to thank these people who worked tirelessly throughout the event and all the way leading up to it - in no particular order, Christine Snell, Katie Thornton, Gavin Pickering, Diane and Dean Turner, Mirelle Jackson, Lisa Minto, and Aaron Coe.”

Mr Jackson added he was also very grateful to those who attended and to those who donated raffle prizes.

He said: “In hard times with not much money about, it humbles us that people in these parts give like they do. Many, many thanks to all concerned.”