Celebrating a century

6th January 2012'100 year old - Hilda Porter'PICTURE: MATTHEW PAGE
6th January 2012'100 year old - Hilda Porter'PICTURE: MATTHEW PAGE

THE TITANTIC had not even set sail on its maiden voyage when Hilda Mary Porter was born.

Mrs Porter, formally Pickering, of Mill Close, South Kirkby, celebrated her 100th birthday on Sunday.

Mrs Porter was born on West Street, Hemsworth and attended the Westfield Lane School.

At 14, she left school and became a childminder and butcher’s assistant at Charleworth’s butchers, Hemsworth. She also worked at Frickley Colliery canteen during World War Two

She was married in 1941 to Alfred Porter and had two sons, David and John, and the family moved to South Kirkby in 1952.

Once her children started school, she worked at the Geest Factory.

Mrs Porter was a dedicated member of the South Kirkby Darby and Joan Club up until six months ago.

She has two grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

Daughter-in-law Jacqueline Porter, 65, said: “She was such a hard worker and loved socialising. She has so many friends, and used to visit a few of them in Holland.”

She was visited by Coun John Taylor, deputy mayor of South Kirkby and Moorthorpe, on Friday.

He said: “On behalf of South Kirkby and Moorthorpe Town Council, I’d like to wish Mrs Porter all the best and congratulations on reaching a century.”