CCTV HOTSPOTS: Wakefield in top 20 of most watched UK cities

Wakefield is in the top 20 most watched cities in the UK
Wakefield is in the top 20 most watched cities in the UK
  • Wakefield (population of 336,800) is the 18th most watched UK city excluding London with 177 cameras
  • For every one camera in Wakefield there are 1,906 people

As a nation that loves to spy on other people, with hugely successful shows like Gogglebox, Love Island and Big Brother, have you ever thought about who might be watching you?

RS Components have switched the lens round to find out which city, town and London Borough has the most CCTV cameras.

We live in a world where we are constantly in front of the lens, with an eye-watering 800 million monthly active Instagram users and a global obsession with selfies in no sign of dying out.

But stalking other people doesn’t stop on social media, and whoever said reality TV was dead was wrong.

Not only is Big Brother celebrating 18 years since it’s first launch in July 2000, but the likes of Gogglebox generated an average of 3.6 million views for its latest series back in December 2017, not to mention the summer show everyone can’t stop talking about; Love Island. A staggering 2.43 million viewers tuned in live just to see Kem and Amber crowned the winners of the show, breaking ITV2 audience records.

But whilst we’ve been busy watching others through a camera lens, have we forgotten about who might be observing us? RS Components released The UK’s CCTV Hotspots to find out.

A spotlight has been shone on the cities, towns and London Boroughs in the UK that have the most CCTV cameras registered by their local authorities. The piece also looks at the population of each of these hotspots to open up the question as to why certain areas have more cameras despite having less people?

The top 20 cities are:

1. Bristol - 658

2. Birminham - 422

3. Stoke-on-Trent - 384

4. Chelmsford - 380

5. Liverpool - 352

6. Canterbury - 336

7. Southampton - 335

8. Cardiff - 325

9. Kingston upon Hull - 292

10. Bradford - 283

11. Plymouth - 274

12 - Manchester - 263

13. Exeter - 246

14. Edinburgh - 238

15. Nottingham - 214

16. Durham - 208

17. St Albans - 207

18. Wakefield - 177

19. Peterborough - 163

20. Sheffield -159