Castleford hiker died after falling in Cairngorms

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A hiker died after falling in the Cairngorms, an inquest heard.

Graham Andrew Connell, 31, of Crowther Street, Castleford, was travelling through the Scottish mountain range in a group of six before he was found dead on February 11.

Coroners officer Jane Melrose said Mr Connell arrived in the Cairngorms on February 8 as part of 35 people from a hiking society.

They split into groups of seven to go exploring.

But Mr Connell’s group decided to head back to base as they faced 70mph winds and temperatures of -30°C.

On their way back, one member of the group fell 150m but eventually made it back to base.

Mr Connell fell shortly afterwards, and was found dead following an RAF search and rescue operation at about 12.30pm.

The inquest was adjourned pending the outcome of further enquiries.