Castleford coach: Warm weather camp can take us to another level

Danny Orr.
Danny Orr.

Castleford Tigers’ assistant coach Danny Orr knows from personal experience how valuable it can be to go on a warm weather training camp ahead of a Super League season.

Orr is heading to Lanzarote with the rest of the coaching staff and the Tigers players on Sunday and says it will be fantastic to escape the wet British weather and get some quality work done that will benefit everyone when the new season starts.

He told the Express: “I’ve been a few times before, with Cas and with London. It’s a really good complex for training.

“With the weather over here at this time of year it’s terrible and you can only get so much done out on the field.

“Over there you are pretty much guaranteed decent weather so you can really get a good block of work in there.

“I’ve always felt that whenever I’ve been before it really kicks you on to another level as a group. Hopefully that will happen for us.

“We know all the moves and the way we want to play, the lads know that already, but if you are to go out on the field now you are up to your ankles in mud, you can’t run, it’s raining, the ball’s going down everywhere and you don’t get out of the session what you need.

“But over there where you’ve pretty much got the weather if the guys turn up with a good attitude and willingness to train, as they always do, you are guaranteed a good week’s training. At this time of year that’s vitally important.”

Orr admitted it was all very different to the last two years when the players spent time with the Marines and went to North Yorkshire, but the timing was right to go on this trip this year.

He added: “Going to the Marines served its purpose and I loved that week with them.

“It really toughened the guys up mentally. I think they’ve got that in them now and it’s about trying to take the way we play to another level - and this is about the right time for us to go abroad and do some warm weather training.”